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I am here to help you how to flourish and unlock your potential in a scientific way.

How can Positive Psychology help you?

I will support you to achieve meaningful goals and improve the quality of your life. By working together, we will pay particular attention to your existing strengths, your psychological wellbeing and will find out what your available resources are.

This will be done by a conversational intervention, and activities that raise awareness of your strengths. The use of evidence-based methods will help you to be more aware and self-reflective.

There are many good things in us that we simply overlook. It is time to refresh yourself and enhance your strengths.

How will you benefit from this?

Firstly, negative thinking does not give you any benefit in your thinking, behaviour and generally in life. It pulls you down, makes you sad, useless and it can lead to low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

When you learn how to flourish and unlock your potential, your life will automatically change bit by bit because you will learn to have a choice. You can either stay negative or you can see the beauty in other things, mainly in yourself. Once you learn that, you will be able to have more ‘good moments’, good days and a happier YOU.

  • You will have less misunderstandings with people because you will understand their words in a more positive way. You will not jump into negative conclusion which can easily lead to arguments.
  • You will perform better at work and work interviews because you learn how to highlight your strengths and appreciate yourself. This will lead to a more assertive and natural conversation with your recruiter, your manager or your colleagues, or anyone in general.
  • This is not a one-way learning that you apply to one specific thing. This will work in everything because this will become part of your life.
  • The great thing is, that if you find yourself in difficulties, CBT, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness can be successfully linked with Positive Psychology, and I am happy to teach you how you can do that.

So just reflect a little bit…would you have a conversation with someone who makes you feel low…or someone who lifts you up? Be the one that shines, and the rest will come 😊.