According to the World Health Organisation, 70% of the countries have endorsed online therapy to overcome disruptions to in-person services, to make sure that people continue getting their mental support.

To have an excellent online therapy, I am sharing a few great tips and tricks for you to consider as you prepare for your next online therapy session.



  • The online therapy can work efficiently on phones, computers and tablets. Please make sure that the battery of your mobile device is fully charged or plugged in.
  • Ensure your device has a functioning camera, speaker and microphone.
  • Confirm your device has reliable access to high-speed internet via wi-fi or a cellular connection.
  • If using earbuds or any other headsets, ensure they work well with your preferred device and are fully charged, if wireless.
  • Technology glitches can occasionally occur during session. We will take a few minutes during our first meeting to review how we will handle them if they arise during our work together!


Location and Comfort:

Tips to help you identify the best place for your session in advance.

  • Find a place with a comfortable chair where you are able to securely position your device, minimizing the need to adjust it throughout the session. This will minimize any camera-related distractions for you and me.
  • Ensure there is good lighting in front of you to allow me to clearly see your face. I will do the same.
  • Identify a location where your camera can be eye level.

To optimize privacy and confidentiality:

  • I invite you to consider using earbuds rather than your device’s speaker, unless you know that no one will disturb you.
  • Children absorb emotion as much as words, therefore it is strongly recommended children of any age are not present in the room with you during your session.
  • Pets can also come and go in the room, so please make sure they are in a different room.
  • Should you find it challenging to find a private place within your home, we invite you to consider your car or outside.

Your Presence:

I will make sure and work hard to emulate in-person therapy as much as possible.  I invite you to consider the following tips:

  • Please dress as you would for an in-person therapy session – comfortably and appropriately.
  • I ask that you refrain from alcohol, cigarette and other recreational drugs prior to and during our session.
  • Please plan your meals and snacks around our therapy session to prevent the need to eat during session. Prepare a glass of water that you can reach easily.
  • Should you need to tend to children, pets or other members of your family during session, I am happy to pause our therapy for a few moments to allow you the time you need.
  • Whenever possible, please refrain from moving/repositioning your device during session as it can cause significant distractions and discomfort.
  • Consider having a box of tissues nearby to avoid having to pause your session to retrieve them when the need arises.


Prior to joining each session:

Tips to follow to minimize the risk for technology-related interruptions.

  • Restart your computer/device.
  • Close any other apps or programs that may be open.
  • Turn off any notifications for other applications.
  • When possible, limit the number of people in your home who may be streaming or playing video games.
  • Turn off any background sounds – music, washing machine, television etc. If you feel background noise is necessary for confidentiality, please consider white noise such as a sound machine or fan.
  • If you feel you might be distracted by seeing yourself on video, please have a post-it note or sheet of paper & tape handy. I want you to be comfortable!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out prior to your session so we can work together to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. I can be reached at