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Some people cannot stay in the ‘here and now’ because their present is about constantly thinking and worrying about the future. They picture negative thoughts in their mind, feeling anxious and believe that only the worst can happen. This needs to be stopped. There is absolutely no need to beat yourself up with ugly thoughts, as we all deserve good things in life. No need to tell ‘what, if’, or ‘if only’. If something good happens to you do not just move on to something else too quickly. So, what to do then…

Just celebrate what happened, embrace that moment, enjoy it, do not rush into the next step. Hold it with you and be happy about it. Observe how you feel about this, what feelings you have. Just hold that nice feeling to yourself. Mindfulness is about noticing, appreciating, and learning how to stay in the present moment.

You learn how to find the positive things around you, how to enjoy that moment for a little longer and to be proud of yourself.

As we know, there are some circumstances in life that we cannot change. A great example is a pandemic. We can only accept it and learn how to cope with it. This might sound unfair and painful, but the good news is, that there is always a way out. In my sessions I will teach you the copying techniques and exercises, we will practice them together until you become the master of the ‘here and now’ and learn how to cope and accept situations in life.