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Mindfulness is about being in the present moment, and being aware of our thoughts, feelings and senses, without judging them. Who are we now and where are we in our life? Some people find it hard to be in the present moment because they are either thinking about the past or worrying about the future. They might not realise that they are experiencing the present with harmful thoughts, which will not only become their past, but can also predict their future. Unfortunately, constant rumination, dwelling on the past and holding on to negative feelings can cause anxiety, anger, loss of motivation and even depression. On the other hand, fear of the future, excessive worry can cause more anxiety or panic, which can easily turn into chronic conditions if not treated in time. Thought is just a thought, but even a thought can cause bodily symptoms. Stress has also been shown to have a harmful effect on our brain and our health. We should not allow this to happen to ourselves. Typical damaging phrases begin with ‘What if’ or….’I wish it was…’…. The value of the present is simply lost during the repetition of these sentences, and it becomes more and more difficult to evaluate the good things around us.

What Mindfulness and Acceptance teach

Simply to live and accept the present moment. If it is good, enjoy it, do not rush to the next step or start with destructive thoughts. If it is unpleasant, observe how it feels without adding additional fear and judgements. Notice what feelings and thoughts you have. Mindfulness is about noticing, accepting and learning how to stay in the present moment. You can learn how to see the positive things around you, how to enjoy feeling good for longer and how to be proud of yourself. The more you practice, the better it gets.

As we know, there are some circumstances in life we cannot change. A great example is the pandemic, or even a breakup. However, it is possible to learn how to accept them and learn how to cope with them. This may sound unfair and painful, but it is important to know that there is always a way out and that the situation will change.

We can work on these together and learn how to cope and accept different and unexpected life situations. We practice and use MBCT, the combination of CBT and Mindfulness, which is absolutely a wonderful learning experience.