empty canteen with a lonely person sitting at a table

Low self-esteem is just one of the symptoms of anxiety that can cause many other issues in someone’s life. This can result in distorted self-image, lack of self-appreciation, self-acceptance or self-kindness. These can make people believe that they are not good enough, are not capable of doing certain tasks in their life, do not deserve the good things, and cannot have a good relationship… which are of course not true.

There are many issues that low confidence can cause (anxiety, stress, bad habits). Confidence can also fluctuate; there might be some days or moments when someone can feel more confident than other days. This means that the ability to feel confident is in us, we just need to make that positive feeling constant, long lasting and embed it in all type of situations. The techniques that I use are unique and are completely personalised because each person has their own personality, life experience, culture of origin, habit and thinking pattern.