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There are many evidence showing that most visualisation techniques are more effective if they are combined with hypnotic relaxation . Hypnotic relaxation is a safe and pleasant state of mind. Almost everyone can be hypnotised, visualise and identify mental images while remaining completely conscious. It is important to note, that this is NOT about changing or manipulating the mind. We, professionals strictly follow the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the British Psychological Society, The General Hypnotherapy Register’s Code of Ethics.

Using the mental imagery and hypnotherapy for an anticipated event that gives us distress, can teach people to think of that specific situation in a pleasant and confident way. This is when the popular Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy can be combined really well with the evidence-based hypnotherapy. They are very effective in treating anxiety, low self-confidence, phobias, pain, fear etc. The techniques you learn can be applied and used anywhere you are.