The good news is that everything can be solved…in a way or the other.

Our goal is to improve your confidence, problem solving skills and learn to see things from a different angle. We will work together with specific therapeutic strategies and I will show you that, the problems that sometimes seem threatening and overwhelming, can simply be solved. Remember, problems are part of our life and if we learn how to solve them we will make our life easier.


The techniques are particularly useful for:

  • Managing crises and recognise the problem.
  • Building resilience and coping well with stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Relapse prevention and desire to solve problems in a timely manner.
  • Problem solving can be integrated with assertiveness and other social skills training.

Problem Solving techniques combined with Hypnotherapy are very helpful to:

  • Develop a positive problem-solving orientation.
  • Using imagery techniques to enhance effectiveness.
  • To explore alternative solutions.
  • To evaluate the consequences of the specific situation.
  • To rehearse the execution of chosen solutions.