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Life Pattern Consultation is a unique and exciting treatment that enables you to see your life from your childhood to the present time. We find similar patterns, thinking style, see how you have changed or what has changed you. By looking into many other things in your life will not only help you thinking outside the box but will help you understand how things connect in life. This is also a great way to see your thinking pattern and what you can change to have a better future.


  • I do believe in people. If they want to do something, they will do it, but sometimes they just don’t know how and they need some guidance. I will help you organising your thoughts and guide you through the steps and obstacles.
  • I don’t give up and I am a loyal person. Loyal to myself, loyal to what I say and do, therefore I am loyal to you. Just because something looks difficult it does not mean it cannot be solved.
  • You share your life and thoughts with me. I do appreciate your trust in me. I will keep it confidential, not only because that’s my duty as a professional therapist, but also because that’s the way I am.
  • Life coaching is about finding your goals and purpose in your life. However, sometimes what hold can hold you back throughout your journey, is yourself. Fear, low-self esteem, anxiety or an wrong belief about something. Once we achieved your goal with Life Coaching and your mind is clear about where you would like to be, but your fear or past is still holding you back, me as a therapist, I will be able to offer you a professional therapeutic service to make sure you will have an easier path in front of you.
  • I lived in 4 different countries and travelled to many more. Met people from all over the world, from different background and cultures. I experienced ‘culture shock’ a few times. I respect and love diversity, because we all live on the same planet. If you are an expat, I can help you prepare, adapt to new situations and countries.
  • Some of my dreams looked really impossible! When I was 20 years old, my dream was to be a therapist and life coach. It took me just over 20 years to achieve that. Life is not linear! You can read about my journey in a nutshell here.
  • Personal Life Coach
  • Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist
  • Coaching for an ‘Age limited thinking’
  • Coaching for expats
  • Positive Psychology coaching


  • I listen to you carefully without being judgemental
  • I am genuinely curious and interested in your story and I want to give you the best guidance. Your goal is to find something and my goal is to help you finding it.
  • I keep every information confidential. You share your deep thoughts which must be highly respected.
  • We find out together what is stopping you in life. We will also find the best fitted solution and technique to use and practise, which will lead to improvement and problem solution.
  • The session will end with an assignment for you to take home and practise. The outcome and how you felt about it will be discussed at the following session. This is really powerful because you can test your improvement with me, not with strangers.


  • I always had a passion about life, people and connections. As a teenager, I read many books about life, people, healthy living, healthy eating, spirituality, the soul and science. I really liked books about Tibetan monks and science from Stephen Hawking or Carl Sagan, and many more.
  • I travelled to many places in the world to fulfil my curiosity, and I was also curious to know how long it takes to achieve a dream. Where does that dream come from? I was observing my thoughts and myself throughout my life journey and why I behaved in a certain way? Are people always the same with everyone? How to get to know yourself deeply and honestly? Behind every life decision there is a thought and belief. If you think that you cannot do it, you will not do it. But why do you think you cannot do something? When you find this out, it means you looked into yourself truly.
  • Dreams, goals do not always have an age. We can always learn, study, travel and change our life at ANY age!
  • We do feel when we lose track in life, or when there is a dead end if we stay in a specific situation. We can all sense it. I had this feeling as well. Observe yourself…we all have a dream deep down, something that makes us smile and happy. Sometimes we just need some guidance.
  • When we make a plan and write down the pros and cons, we have made the first step to achieve our goal. Keep this safe with you and start your journey. You will get there!